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Procedure FAQs

Post Operative Tubal Ligation Reversal:

Q: What are the post-operative expectations and restrictions?
You will have restricted activity for 3 weeks. No heavy lifting of greater than 20#'s. No sexual relations for up to 3 weeks. No driving for 1 week.

Q: What type of medications will I expect post-operatively?
You will be given Tigan suppository for nausea as needed. Darvocet N 100 as needed for pain. If no bowel movement within the first 3 days post operatively, use Milk of Magnesia 30 cc, 1-2 days if needed.

Q: How long do the stitches take to dissolve?
The stitches take 28 days to dissolve. Steri strips are applied to the skin and will fall off after showering. You may shower within 24 hours of surgery.

Q: How long would I wait to expect pregnancy to occur?
If you are not pregnant within 9 months from the time of surgery, a hysterosalpingogram should be done.

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